Zigoku Chakai (Tea Ceremony in Hell) 2016 at Zojoji temple

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“New Year’s Day can be regarded as a milestone on the journey towards death. It should be celebrated and should not be.”—This is a waka (Japanese poem) by Zen monk Ikkyu who did street preaching with a cane with a scull on its top. What he really meant was to consider “death”, which comes to all the people at the end without exception, and think about your life. “Zigoku (Hell)” is a world created by human desire. We would like you to enjoy our tea ceremony, thinking about the “daily activities”, which are essentials to your daily life, as well as listening to the monk’s preach at the tea ceremony to consider your New Year’s resolution one more time.

The ceremony place is again at the large Japanese room of 108 tatami mats in Koshoden at Zojoji Temple, same as in 2015.

This year, our special different world only for 3 days will be even more spectacular with additional members: Henriku as the Japanese confectioner, Tenmetsu as the guide in Jigoku (the Hell) and Ryuji Hodaka as the ceramist for tea cups for the ceremony.

The final touch should be made by you…We all welcome your attendance for [Jigoku Chakai (Tea Ceremony in Hell) 2016]


Zigoku Tea Ceremony 2016 staffs

◉Event planner, costume
Yukari Fujimoto (costume designer)
◉Space composition
GENETO (architect)
◉Space decoration
Yutaka Tony  (candle artist)
Asanuma (photogaher/liquidlighting )


◉Zigoku guides
AyAko (Expressionist, mental care specialist)
Temmetsu (dancer)
Nanako Ueda (performer)
Tatsuo Yoshida  (monk)


◉Confectionery and flower
Henrix (brother-in-low of Shuji Terayama, stage director, film maker, art director)
◉Tea utensil
Ryuji Hodaka (ceramist, cook)

◉Kitchen chief
Yukiko Suwa


◉Poster design
Yewya Hayashi (graphic designer)
◉Production assistant
Maki Sato (student of Creative Theatre Academy)
with friends

【Event Overview】

◇Date and time: February 20th(Fri), 21th(Sat), and 22th(Sun), 2016

Advance reservation needed: Preparation time is required before each session so please come to the place 15 minutes in advance

Session 1   : 10:00am (assembling at 9:45)

Session 2  : 11:45am (assembling at11:30)

Session 3   : 13:30pm (assembling at 13:15)

Session 4  : 15:15pm (assembling at 15:00)

Session 5   : 17:00pm (assembling at 16:45)

Session 6   : 18:45pm (assembling at 18:30)

*Each session lasts approx. 1 hour and 20 minutes with maximum 18 people.

*To avoid bothering other participants, you may not be able to join the session if you are delayed. Please make sure to come by the above time for each session.


◇Venue:Large Japanese room, Koshoden, Zojoji temple
4-7-35 Shibakoen Minato-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN

Zojoji temple website: Zojoji


◇Event Fee: General Fee 4,000yen

◇Application process:

Please apply from the email template below. The application process is completed through securing your seat and confirming your payment;

We will send the confirmation email after securing your seat so please transfer your payment to the specified account within the due date.

The application is officially accepted by the payment confirmation.

  • Please note that only email application will NOT be official acceptance.

** Privilege of【Jigoku no sata mo “en” shidai (“Relationship (instead of Money)” talks) 】for people who have any relationship with us & the repeat guests: We have the special benefit for those people who are friends of the staffs of Jigoku Chakai 2016, or joined Gekijo Chakai (theatrical tea ceremony: Jigoku Chakai 2013/2015, Kannaguki Chakai, Kasasagi-bashi Chakai), or friends of those people. Please let us know by describing such relationships in the applicable box in the application form below.

**If you have difficulty to sit on your knees, please let us know when you apply this event.


Zigoku Chakai 2016 application form

Normally we reply to you within 2 days after you applied via email. However, there are cases that we cannot reply to you because of wrong email address or cell-phone number.
In case you don’t receive our reply after 2 days, please let us know for confirmation.
※If you apply by FAX, please fill out all the items below and send it to 03-6427-7834.

・Name (necessary)

・Date and time: Please give us your top 3 priorities

・Date and time: First priority (necessary)

・Date and time: Second priority (necessary)

・Date and time:Third priority (necessary)

・ The number of tickets (necessary)

・Your e-mail address (necessary)

・Your FAX number if you apply by FAX.

・How did you know about Zigoku Chakai?

・Privilege of 【Jigoku no sata mo “en” shidai】

If you choose 1(from Zigoku Chakai staff), please enter the name of the person.
If you choose 4(guest of prior Chakai), please enter the name of Chakai you joined. If you come under both 1 and 4, please enter the name of the staff.
Even if you choose 1 or 4, you can not get the privilege without the name or without confirmation.

5・5.Which media/website you accessed to know this event?

・Please give us questions or others, if any.


【 Application/inquiry 】


Tel/FAX : 03-6427-7834



Sponsorship  :Zigoku tea ceremony Executive committee

Support   :heso-cha